WordPress Backup in 1 min

Free WordPress Backup And Restore In 1 Minute

In this post, I will show you how to create free WordPress backup and restore in 1 minute and why you need to learn it. The importance of this topic rises when your WordPress blog gets traffic and popularity. Bad people try to hack your WordPress blog either destroying the…

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grammarly review

Grammarly Review Premium for bloggers and Article writers

Hello.  This is Emran and Today I am going to write a Grammarly Review premium for Bloggers and article writers. It is important to proofread an article for grammar and spelling mistakes. When a reader reads an article or a blog post and finds mistakes in spelling it’s a bad…

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Secure WordPress Blog

WordPress Security Tips : Beginners Step by Step Guide

WordPress Security Tips needs be to done on daily baisis. When you run a propular blog it has a big importance and  every website and blogger should think about. If your website got hacked you will lose your traffic (Visitors) and a small note in Google search results will be…

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AMP for Google

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) For WordPress

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) yeah it’s about speed and SEO. AMP is introduced by Google to make mobile websites load faster. AMP websites load faster and have a better impact on traffic and user experience.  It has a huge impact on search engine results pages and the other is…

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Bluehost WordPress Install

Install WordPress On Bluehost : Step By Step Complete Guide

In today’s article, you are going to learn Install WordPress on BlueHost manually. You are a bit curios how does bluehost work with wordpress? When you start your blogging career everything starts from here. So follow this article and If you go to other web-hosting service provider, the procedure of…

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wordpress robots.txt file

How To Edit WordPress Robots.txt File For Better SEO

How to edit WordPress robots.txt file for better SEO but first learn What is WordPress robots.txt file and why you need one. It is a file which tells Google search engine bot what to show and hide in search results and indexing.  There are few misunderstanding related to indexing and…

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