Google Webmaster Tools Submit URL : Easy Steps

Google webmaster tool verification

Google Webmaster Tools submit url is the main topic of this post. After starting a WordPress Blog you need little focus on its submission to major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex. We always need to focus on issues regarding our blog so it is the best source provided by the Google.

What is Google Webmaster Tools ?

Google webmaster tools a complete platform like search portal for owners and professionals working as an SEO, Search engine optimization. In this console, Google stores all your blog data like sitemap, robots.txt, HTML errors and so on. I will show all its features with the verification process or only wordpress sitemap.

Google Webmaster Tools submit url

Parts of Google Webmaster Tools

When you go inside of webmaster tools you will a search console which has all your blog data related to Google search.

Search Appearance:

It has 5 objects structures data, Rich Cards, Data Highlighter, Html Improvements and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). This portion is only for errors and search results visibility.

Search Traffic:

It has 6 objects and all are related to your site traffic and backlinks

Google Index:

It has 2 objects and important from the index point view. You can analyze how many pages are visible in Google search engine results.


It is the most important part of Google search console and always check with high interest. In this portion, you can see crawl errors, testing of robots.txt and full details of sitemap XML file.

Google Webmaster Tools Submit URL (Verification)

First, open your Google console dashboard and go to the ADD PROPERTY red tab right-hand side upper corner of the screen as shown in the image below. Click it and popup papers where you have to give the name of your blog and press add. It will take you to the verify page where you have to select the verification process.

In this window you have two tabs one is recommended method and second are Alternate method. The easy way click the recommended method tab and chose HTML file, download it to your computer. When completes upload it to the main public HTML folder of your root directory. You can go through you Cpanel file manager.

Click the red VERIFY button and your blog will be verified in seconds.

Tip: If you have an android app of your blog you can also submit it to Google Webmaster Tools.

I hope you can verify your WordPress blog in Google Webmaster Tools. If you are planning to start a blog buy cheap hosting and domains. Comments and questions are welcome.

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