Grammarly Review Premium for bloggers and Article writers

Hello.  This is Emran and Today I am going to write a Grammarly Review premium for Bloggers and article writers. It is important to proofread an article for grammar and spelling mistakes. When a reader reads an article or a blog post and finds mistakes in spelling it’s a bad impression for readers. So whenever write an article or a blog post always avoid mistakes in English. How Grammarly makes you an article writer superstar lets read the rest.

Grammarly Review Premium

A free tool Grammarly premium that you can use to help you improve your writing and also your grammar.  If you are learning English and you want to write in English, then it’s wise to use a spell checker, however, most spell checkers are very basic they only give you feedback on words that you misspelled.

However, the tool Grammarly I’m going to show you gives you feedback on your writing and it helps you improve your grammar too, and the best way for you to understand how beneficial this tool Grammarly is.

What is Grammarly?

In this Grammarly Review premium, there is an app which provides help to non-native speakers of English language. It automatically highlighted the mistakes and give the solution with red and yellow underlines. Before Grammarly, I have no idea about the mistakes and I was using other WordPress plugins. But after Grammarly, I have no issues of grammar and spelling mistakes.

gammarly review premium

How Grammarly Works

Here we are inside the Grammarly app and I’m going to type in three incorrect sentences to show you how Grammarly can give you feedback on incorrect English.  So, the first one. . .  I’m just going to put “he have done it. ” So, you probably recognize the mistake but it’s gonna show you how it changes this for you.  So, you can see over here it’s suggesting to change have to has and we can click to change the verb form. We can also expand the card and it gives us information about the mistake: “It appears that the subject pronouns he and the verb have are not in agreement. Consider changing the verb. ” And we can click here and it changes it for us.

gammarly review demo

The next one I’m going to show you is a preposition.  He told me that he did it. Okay.  So, we’ll see what happens here when I type in this incorrect sentence. . .  What it says. . .  two things: Possibly confused say and tell. So, in this case, it’s giving us a variation we can change told me to said to me and it’s also telling us that it’s a possibly redundant preposition.  It appears that the proposition to may be unnecessary in this context. So, you can review the information and decide whether to delete it and if you click More then it gives us lots of examples and an explanation about the proposition too.  So in this case, I’m going to delete the to and have it here, He told me that he did it.

So, these are just examples of how Grammarly can help and I want to show you a couple of other things too, because it doesn’t only help your grammar and your writing, it can also help you with plagiarism.  What this does is it finds unoriginal text by checking against a database of over eight billion web pages – so if you’re writing something that’s really important or if you’re marking something for your learners, then you can check to see if it’s plagiarized.  There’s also vocabulary enhancement as well – this gives you suggestions to help you vary your vocabulary – this is very beneficial as well – and finally, here, you can send it to a professional to get proofreading.  This is obviously a paid thing and this is an add-on if you want to do this, but it’s not necessary in most cases.

Grammarly Features

  1. Grammarly free Version with all basics features
  2. Grammarly can check for 150 + additional points of grammar
  3. Grammarly is specialized in different document types: academic, technical, creative, etc.
  4. Grammarly provides vocabulary suggestions and Detects plagiarism
  5. Grammarly comes with Microsoft Office Add-In
  6. Grammarly automatically detects mistakes with Solutions and Examples

Grammarly Available For these Browser:

  1. Grammarly for Firefox
  2. Grammarly for Chrome
  3. Grammarly for Microsoft® Office
  4. Grammarly for Windows

grammarly registration

So, as you just saw Grammarly gives you great feedback on your writing but not only that, it helps you improve your grammar.  This is really beneficial it’s going to help you improve your English – and the more you write the more you use this tool – the better you will get.

I hope you will get the benefits of this tool and this is the complete Grammarly review premium to provide details for writing a blog post and article. you can also read about how to a backup WordPress blog, how to secure WordPress blog, A complete WordPress Guide. Don’t forget to give comments and please subscribe for more.

Grammarly Review Premium
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Grammarly Review Premium for bloggers and Article writers

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