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Different advertisement companies support our site They may acquire from us the information regarding our visitors in a sense that what the advantage they could get from placing their advertisement on our site or what type of ads they could set.
As Google AdSense The program gives us the opportunity to place the relevant Google ads on our site. So, the visitor’s log files and cookies could be demanded by the advertisers.
Advertisers are using different technologies to evaluate the visitor’s information which supports their further decisions regarding advertisements. They also want to get information about the geographical locations of visitors. By doing this, they just mean to target the right segment of customer ship by their ads. For example, when someone visits from Asia or Europe, he’ll find an advertisement according to his geographical location and mostly related to our web contents. That’s why we have to provide our visitor information or log files to the advertisers.
It does not mean that we are selling personal information about visitors. If you don’t want to share your information with us or other websites, then make some changes in your Internet browsing application.
For Advertisement, please contact us and we will put your banner, link, and information on

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