Install WordPress locally on Windows using wamp

5 Steps How To Install WordPress locally (Wamp Server)

Install WordPress locally (Wamp Server) : WordPress is the most popular blogging plate form (CMS) currently because Google loves WordPress. But the main problem is testing I mean how to test themes, Plugins, updates and other websites improvement.  I am going to show you how to install WordPress locally on…

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wordpress robots.txt file

How To Edit WordPress Robots.txt File For Better SEO

How to edit WordPress robots.txt file for better SEO but first learn What is WordPress robots.txt file and why you need one. It is a file which tells Google search engine bot what to show and hide in search results and indexing.  There are few misunderstanding related to indexing and…

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How To Disable WordPress Post Revisions To Save Database

WordPress Post Revisions When you want to speed up your blog and save database there is one important factor mostly bloggers are not aware of that feature which is called WordPress Post Revisions and they should be better delete. When you update any post, WordPress save the copy of your…

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